AlOne?????Don’t worry..It’s time to Think… :-)

         Have you ever felt that you are alone???Don’t worry..It’s a boon sometimes..I have cried several times because of loneliness.But the strange thing is that the best part of me comes out when am alone.All my good thoughts,poems and anything else begin to overflow when am alone.
          Loneliness can make you a poet,an artist,a singer,dancer or anything like that.It can change your attitude towards life..The real thing is that when you are alone,you get time to think about yourself.You then begin to know more about yourself.Then the real YOU will be born..
       So always be aware,,,Loneliness Is sometimes a boon



10 thoughts on “AlOne?????Don’t worry..It’s time to Think… :-)

      1. hmm..dont worry dear.. just leave it like that.. never force or pressurize your emotions to be suppressed…let it flow as it likes…there will be day when it will be controlled on it’s own will

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  1. Very nice thought are alone it’s not just a boon it also helps you in many activities.some people’s don’t get time to be alone to think something important for life.You are lucky you get that much time.

    Anyway shilpa whenever you feel alone here in WordPress many people’s you can share here
    Best of luck

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