Be An Elder Sister,Not a Senior

When second year class started,few of my friends were very excited.. They were ready to ragg juniors.When I told them that I wouldn’t do,they told me that it’s just for a fun and not so serious…But what I feel about ragging is that it’s a cheap complex of us to prove that we are superior to them(juniors).I find nothing to enjoy in it..And I just don’t know what is the pleasure or happiness they are getting when they see tears or fear in someone’s eyes..
                  I just wanted to be their elder sister,not someone who harass them.Even if it just fun(not so serious) we can never understand the situation of a particular student.He or she may have lot of problems. (Issues in home,with friends,depression) Even silly jokes may destroy him or her completely.
                    I have experienced a lot in my hostel during my first year.So my friends told me that it’s our right to give back them what we got.But I don’t want to give them what my seniors gave me,but I just want to give them what I expected from my seniors.The credit lies not in achieving respect through frightening,, it should be attained through love and care.Be an Elder sister not a senior…



14 thoughts on “Be An Elder Sister,Not a Senior

    1. Hehe…njn verthe opinion ittu nne ullu..I knw,ragging cheriya reethiyil ullathond orupad gunangalum und.namukk boldness okke undavum… ellardem manasikavastha namukk ooohikkan pattillallo..oru thamasayum athiru kadakkathirunna mathi lle

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