ToP 5

Have you ever thought, how many people have influenced you in your life?How many have stayed with you during both,ups and downs?Can you point out their names,the top 5???Here is mine..


God-Yes,,it’s him,,the Almighty.I didn’t see him,I didn’t hear him,I didn’t touch him..But I have felt him..He was there with me always,each and every seconds of my life.Even though everyone were busy in their own works,he have never failed to give me strength and peace..And  sure,he is the only one who is going to be there for me till my last breath 🙂
1.Mom-She is my strength.She is my power.All my pain and sorrows vanish when she hold me in her hands.Mom is the only one who can love you more than you love yourself.
2.Dad-My Dad is my hero.Its a miracle that when he is around,my strength and boldness doubles.He is like a protective shield that supports me throughout my life.
3.Brother-My elder brother..He is my treasure.My childhood without him can never be imagined.I played with him,travelled with him,played tricks on him..We had a lot of fun.But when we both grew up I know he is the one who cares and protects me most.My achievements have made him a lot more happier than myself.He is my life.
4.Bestie-My best friend ever.He is the only one in this world with whom I can share anything and everything. No more words to explain what I feel about him.Without him am a zero.
5.First and final crush-My love.At last but not the least.Every good things I had in my life,its just because of him.He is my confidence that I’am ready to do anything to be with him.

These people have changed my life.Their impact in my life can never be explained using words.Let me hope,,,they won’t leave me untill the end.I love my life because of them..Yes,I’am lucky 🙂
And now what about you 😊


23 thoughts on “ToP 5

      1. in your case, nallathu means increase in marks.. as far your parents are concerned.. and yes, I am your chechi.. I also will be demanding the same.. is that happening with this positive effect.?

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