Strange,my life is…

I love to criticise myself. Also I love to hear good criticism. It helps me to improve myself and boost my energy.
            Now let me say about the thing that I don’t like in my behavior. I’am so sensitive that I can never easily control my emotions. I’am enthusiastic so that I smile for every silly good things happened to me.But at the same time, a very small thing is enough to make me so upset that I spoil my whole day or a week or even month.It may be a slight change in the behavior of my closed ones,silly fight with friends or mom or anything else..When something like this happens, I lose all my energy and suddenly I get depressed. I am unable to regain my mood even though all my friends try hard. The most worst thing is that during this time period,even my favorite things becomes my enemies.
Strange,,,,the life is… 😦



18 thoughts on “Strange,my life is…

  1. Hey shilpa don’t be upset I also have problems like you and not only you so many people’s have the same problem. And depression is not a solution of anything try to understand the problem why this happen,then next time you understand the situation,fights.Remember one thing you are more than anything else you can do anything.Whenever something happen just think little and after minutes throw it to trash.This is the attitude to live a beautiful life

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      1. Your welcome shilpa,you can consider me as your friend and whenever you need me I am there and never made sad faces, remember one thing no one cares about you and your grief so smile and face the world😉😊

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