False-Failure And Lack of Self Esteem

A man raped and killed a girl of age 12.He is under the custody of police now.But Mr.Sree had an opportunity to play a game with him from Jail- “True Or False” game.In this game,Sree can state any sentence and the prisoner should say whether that statement is true or false.

Statement no 1- A girl has all the right to live in this world freely like boys do.
Prisoner says-TRUE
Statement no 2- A girl also has dreams,ambitions,love and passion.
Prisoner says-TRUE
Statement no 3- A girl also loves someone and she is also loved by someone.
Prisoner says-TRUE
Statement no 4- Whenever a girl is killed, a whole family who depends on her and live for her gets shattered.
Prisoner says-TRUE
Statement no 5- So what you committed is a crime.You are a criminal by committing rape and murder.
Prisoner says-FALSE…,It was my right to rape her,to kill her.

This happens in the society now.People know everything.They know which is true and which is false.But still,when it comes to matters regarding them FALSE becomes a word of “Failure And Lack of Self Esteem”.

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