Heart and Mind

def1b946747e48fae9994c4587d427d0ഹൃദയം എന്നോട് മന്ത്രിച്ചു
“പോവുക മുന്നോട്ട്,വിജയം സുനിശ്ചിതം”
മനസ് വന്നു വിലക്കി
“പിൻവാങ്ങുക,കഴിയില്ലിത് ദുഷ്കരം “



27 thoughts on “Heart and Mind

      1. Athanneya kozhappam😈😣mind palappozhum just yukthiyum buddiyum kond theerumanangal edkkum.pakshe palappozhum oru vyakthiyude chuttupadum emotionsum anusrichanu theerumanangal edkkendath.so better to follow heart

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      2. You make all of us sound schizo da. Hehee.. 🙂 pedippikkalle..

        Or may be between them they have a compartmentalization. The heart and mind domain. Kaikadathan nokiyalaanu prashnam. Alle koche?

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      3. Hehe..😂anganem parayam lle..avar endannu vacha thammil alochich theerumanikkatte..but enikk palappozhum thonneettullath,heart has always an intense desire to do smthg,but still brain (mind) won’t allow me to do that.it thinks logically and it always say about my weak points..

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      4. Let me see, an analogy! Heart is me, mind is my bro. The heart wants to do things like the post on the studious self because it gives her the laughs, the mind cautions her, do you want to put up a pic on your blog? Both are right in their own ways.. the other thinks of consequences beyond those immediate laughs. But then it depends on the desire.., in my case, the heart won hands down yesterday 🙂

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      5. true dat…pakshe enne sambandichitatholum cheyyan sadikkumayirunna palathum baviye kurichorthum consequences orthum okke cheyyan pattathe poyittund.chilappozhenkilum desireinu mathram pradanyam kodth dairyamayi cheyyanullath poyi cheythirunnenkil nannayene enn thonniyittund 🙂

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