Quote Challenge-Day 2

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. There is nothing in this whole universe as positive or negative,best or worst.It is all about our own attitude and perspective


There is nothing around us as positive or negative.It is all about our attitude.For example,Impossible-the word itself says I’m possible.It is all about reading it like that 😊

I nominate Mridhula


10 thoughts on “Quote Challenge-Day 2

      1. hmm! that is because we have learned to think of binaries as a norm. black/white white, success/failure, night/day.. when in reality we know that between night and day there are times when the day is dawn, post dawn, noon, afternoon, twilight, dusk, moon rise.. moon on high.. pakshe we don’t think of any of this when things happen! what do you think Shilpa?

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      2. hey,,nice..that’s true…I support it completely.we know those things but still we learned to think of binaries…well said dear..and also when a fault occur,we only take it as a failure.we are far better in finding negatives in our success.but we can never find positives in failure.thats human nature…,right?

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      3. athe…kazhinjathorth sankadappedan ninnal athine samayam kanu..end sambavichalum athilenthenkilum oru nanma kanum,end tholviyayalum vedanayayalum enthenkilum onn namme santhoshippikkan athil olinjirikkunnundavum.ath kandethan anu sramikkendath..njan athina sraikkaru.but sathyathil,ith manushya sahajamanu.njanithrem paranjenkilum oru tholviye vijayathekkal nallathayi kanunnath,,it s almost impossible.enkilum kure okke nammude kazhchappadiloode matti edkkanavum.. sure.. 🙂

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      4. HEHE..Sathyathil ithorupad chindikkanund…oru research edkkan pattiya area thanneya..tholviyum jayavum okke manushyante midhyadaranakal alle,,anganem parayalo.. 😉 end jayam,end tholvi,,,,nammal eth reethiyil athine nokkikkanunnoo athanu jayavum tholvim theerumanikkunne.all about perspective

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