I don’t think there would be someone in this earth who haven’t ever tasted the sweet of dream.Dreams can create such a magical world where we can fly without wings,swim without fins and so on.Within seconds we can reach over the Mount Everest.It is easy to go deeper into the ocean or higher to the space,,anywhere we wish That’s the wonder of dreams and also that’s why I love them a lot.They are my soulmates.
                 But let’s think about them a little more. What we actually need?We want to make our dreams success, right?Or simply dream while sleeping and forget them next morning?For me dreams while sleeping are not important at all.I’am passionate about dreams that won’t even let me sleep.Those intense dreams are my goals.I live to attain them.That’s my real motive to live.They won’t allow me to take rest untill I achieve them.
              Now think,,what’s better?simply dreaming???No..Dream,achieve and then go and sleep.. Have a happy dreaming 😀


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